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Michael Folks Showroom is located in Seattle Design Center. Michael opened one of the original design center showrooms back in 1976. At the time, it boasted chocolate brown ceilings and walls, grass cloth and Berber flooring and often had the scent of vanilla scented candles which burned daily as a warm welcome to its guests. In 1984, the Michael Folks name went on the door and everything was painted linen white with sisal and pine floors to reflect the emerging designs. Today, Michael Folks Showroom still prides itself on offering an engaging and comfortable setting for all of its visitors with a keen attention to well-crafted and unique product.

Our samples allow you to choose from many options to make your selection, bespoke, made just as your lifestyle requires.

A visit to Michael Folks Showroom to explore at your own pace is the only way to experience Michael Folks Showroom. Michael Folks can assist customers in arranging white-glove shipping to local, national and international destinations.

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